Sunday, January 8, 2012

A little of this and a little of that

Me -
I did a great job starting on the treadmill.  I did a full 10 days in a row on the treadmill and then Christmas hit,  then after that for some reason my knee was hurting, then I got a cold or something and1.15  couldn't exercise due to it setting off my coughing.  So now finally I am past all that and REALLY hoping I don't come up with any other excuses/reasons to not walk/run.  For the first 10 days my goal was to do 1 mile and to always do it faster then the day before.  I did that each time except once where I still finished the mile, but didn't do it quite as quickly as the day before.  I knew from the beginning that my goal would change once I was happy enough with the amount of time I did the mile in.  I plan/planned to go farther and farther at that point.  Today I did my mile in 11min 5 seconds.  I am happy with that number and ended up going 1.15 miles.  I am proud that I have continued to improve.  I want to also start doing some other exercise specifically for my core.  I am pretty happy with my weight, but after having kiddos (and really before) I am just not happy with the lack of muscle tone in my stomach.

Gray -
I am still working on "preschool" with Gray.  We spend a little time 5 days a week (most weeks) working on typical preschool concepts.  He is somewhat of a reader.  He definitely likes site words better than taking the time to sound out words.  His handwriting is getting better and better.  He is SUCH a funny, intelligent guy.  I get asked a lot about if or where I am going to put him into (formal) preschool.  I really don't plan to put him into a formal preschool.  I am NOT saying preschool is not a good thing.  I just don't think it is a decision that is right for OUR family.  Gray gets tons of time around other kids.  He is involved in kindermusik, soccertots, and about to start bilingual beginnings.  I have also started going to MoPs and during that time he is around other kids as well. 

Clara -
She started walking back in November and is now just about running.  She loves to climb and is moving any time she is awake.  And often in her sleep as well.  She has started to figure out body parts and does pretty well with those when she chooses to.  She is not the type that ever does anything if it doesn't suit her.  Clara is the happiest little girl, except for when she isn't.  By that I mean as soon as she isn't completely happy she lets you know about it as though her world is ending.  She currently only has 6 teeth, but I think she is working on at least 1 more.  Other than dairy she can and does eat anything.  She hasn't added a lot of words to her vocabulary lately.  She does surprise me on a fairly regular basis with saying something that sounds just like a word that makes sense in the context, but then I can't get her to say it again.  Like I said she doesn't do anything if it doesn't suit her.

Chris -
Chris is still loving his job.  He works from home for now and that has been wonderful!  I love that when the kids are napping I can go run a quick errand since he is at home.  It is possible that he will have to go work at an actual office soon and I have no idea when I will ever get anything out of the house taken care of at that point.  Hopefully, we can keep him working from home for as long as possible.  The older the kids get the easier it will be.  For now I have to buckle both kids, worry about putting coats on them (I don't like having coats on them while in car seats), carry Clara while making sure Gray doesn't get run over, the whole process wears me out sometimes.  Chris has always been a good dad, but lately he is down right amazing.  He spends lots of time with the kiddos playing with them.  Also in the mornings he gets Gray fed and whatnot so I don't have to get out of the bed if Clara is not up yet.  Of course, I am awake, but I can take my time getting out of the bed.  Also he is great about it when Clara toddles into his office to say hi.  I can really tell that she has him wrapped around her little finger.  I am sure that part of this is because she is a girl, but I think it is also because he is around more now then he was when Gray was that size.  That is another reason I LOVE him working from home!

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